Hydrotechproject Ltd. carries out design works related to the construction of hydropower plants, pumped storage plants, thermal and nuclear power plants, canals, hydrotechnical structures at ore and mining complexes, transmission lines, substations, residential and public buildings, as well as landscaping. Software acquired by the company allows it to perform all necessary design and engineering calculations.
The company carries out the following types of work:

  • Design works:

- Architectural and structural design, including: hydro-technical structures and complexes, energy facilities and complexes, residential buildings, buildings and structures of industrial enterprises, engineering structures, transportation networks, structures and complexes;
- Design of internal engineering systems and networks, including: water supply and sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning, electric power supply, electrical equipment and electrical lighting, communications, alarm, radio, television, information systems;

  • Engineering works:

- Functions of general designer of industrial buildings and structures;
- Technical inspection and assessment of the state of buildings, structures and engineering networks;
- Designs of the organization of construction works;
- Engineering and technical supervision over the construction.