Other projects

  • Rehabilitation of tail facilities and water reuse to maintain plant’s production. 1st commissioning stage. Separating dam and spillway. 2nd stage. Spillway of the 3rd Stage, Northern Ore and Mining Complex, 2010
  • Civil works of spillway well No. 4 at the tail storage “Chetverta Karta” which is under rehabilitation, ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih, 2010
  • Galitske highway in Ivano-Frankivsk City. Collection of initial hydrometric and hydro-meteorological data with further wind-wave and hydrological calculations for the bridge crossing over the river Bystritsa Solotvinska, 2011
  • Rehabilitation of the existing building of the shop on buckwheat production of Hermes-SV, Ltd., 2011
  • Rehabilitation of a stone crashing-and sorting plant used for crushed stone production for leveling of railways in quarries No. 3 and No. 2-bis, dumps and construction of inner quarries’ roads, ArcelorMittal Kriviy Rih, 2012
  • Calculations of slope stability of hotel structures in Skhidnytsya urban-type village in Lvov region taking into account seismicity of 6 points, saturation of foundation soil with water and sequence of structures erection, 2012
  • The main building of a motor transport facility for 350 automobiles at South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant. Water supply, sewerage and fire extinguishing systems within the main building, 2015-2016