The new safe office is working!

It is the 23rd day of brutal war, the 23rd day of fierce confrontation with the enemy.  The fighting in Kharkiv has not subsided, the invaders are ruthlessly killing civilians, destroying the architecture of the city and region.  Danger does not leave our city, the war is raging in Ukraine.  

We consider it the personal responsibility of everyone, if possible, to provide themselves with a safe workplace.  This initiative was made by the management of the Design Engineering Complex "GRANT".  The staff was evacuated throughout the week and the equipment was moved to a new office.  

We managed to organize a new temporary workspace that connected work departments in one city.  We are together again, we are one!  Fighting spirit and working mood is strong and positive.  We work for the good of the country, fulfill contracts on time, pay salaries and taxes. Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we support the economic front and are able to perform our work with the highest quality.  

Ukraine is invincible!  Glory to the nation, death to the enemies!