The month of inviolability

Today is exactly one month since the beginning of Russia's bloody ruthless war against our sovereign State, the month of heroic confrontation between our courageous defenders.
 Explosions are not decreasing, the number of civilians killed is growing, the number of dead children reaches more than 120 people.  The enemy is destroying our cities, houses, educational institutions and  hospitals.  In this way he tries to wipe out our cities, but he will never succeed in destroying our nation, because there is something immortal, eternal, untouchable - our Ukrainian soul and culture, self-identification, love for the Motherland and craving for victory.

 During this month of war  Ukrainians united even more strongly.  We have become those indomitable force and shield that no weapon can pierce and no occupier will destroy!  Our forces are inexhaustible, we are fighting and will fight defending every inch of Ukrainian land until our inevitable victory.

 Glory to Ukraine!