Design and engineering complex “GRANT” is back in operation

Dear colleagues!

On February 24, the life of every Ukrainian changed forever, because we woke up at 5 AM from the explosions. The Russian Federation has vilely carried out a full-scale invasion of the territory of our sovereign country.

Unfortunately, the 15th day of the war is going on in Ukraine and the russian occupiers continue to ruthlessly kill civilians and destroy our cities and villages.

Citizens are forced to hide in bomb shelters, leave their homes and flee in search of a safe place for themselves and their families.

Our hometown Kharkiv has become one of the hottest spots, where fighting is ongoing.  The enemy is ruthlessly destroying homes, churches, educational institutions, malls, zoos and takes away the most valuable - human lives…

We are grateful to our soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Territorial Defense, who are giving a decent rebuff to the russian troops. We thank all those who decided to help the country and people through volunteering. We are grateful to everyone who is working hard for our victory!

Currently, the management of the Design and engineering complex "GRANT" is actively involved in the evacuation of employees and their families, helps with housing and organizes safe workplaces.

We do our best to restore and organize the coordinated work of the team: we set up remote access, hold video conferences, provide everyone with the necessary equipment. Our medical staff provides online calls to employees as needed.

Currently, our main goal is to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the energy sector, namely the full implementation of contracts, the issue of design documentation, and as a result of payment of salaries, taxes and support for Ukraine's economy. Now this is our front and area of ​​responsibility.

Ukrainians are an invincible strong nation that will surely defeat the enemy! We will always defend our Ukraine and will never give it to the occupiers!

We will rebuild our hometown Kharkiv, our Freedom Square, which is a symbol of victory for every Ukrainian and especially Kharkiv citizens.

Hold on, friends, the truth is with us! The whole world is with us! God is with us!

Glory to Ukraine!